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Is Your Dropship Home Business Ready for Valentine’s Day?

dropship hom ebusines Valentine's DayDid you know that Valentine’s Day can be extremely profitable for your dropship home business?

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest gift days in the year and can bring you a surge of traffic and sales if you play your cards right. But, it’s just around the corner so you need to get it in gear and start getting ready for Cupid’s big day!

Every year, shoppers flock to the internet to find gifts for their spouses, sweethearts, significant others…even friends, family, kids, parents and teachers. Pets, too!

This is a holiday that is beloved by many and one that can boost your bottom line significantly if you have promotions and products to snag those shoppers and get them onto your dropshipping website, or to your listings on eBay, Amazon or whatever marketplace you are using.

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day gifts are often:

  • Candy
  • Fragrance
  • Stuffed Toys
  • Jewelry
  • Cards
  • Flowers
  • Lingerie

Bear in mind that these gifts are the most prevalent, but people might buy lots of other items for Valentine’s Day gifts, as well.

Valentine’s Day Statistics

The United State Census Bureau, while it doesn’t compile data specifically pertaining to Valentine’s Day, does research and keep up with stats of the more frequently purchase gifts for this popular holiday.

Here are some of the most recent stats about certain categories of gifts bought for Valentine’s Day:

  • In February 2011 jewelry stores in the U.S. sold a total of $2.27 billion.
  • There are about 180 million Valentine cards exchanged annually in the United States, which makes it the second biggest card giving day.
  • 53% of American women say they would ditch their boyfriend if he didn’t get them something for Valentine’s Day.
  • Almost half of all Valentine cards are bought during the 6 days preceding the holiday.

Here are some interesting stats and factoids from the February 2012 issue of Time magazine online:

  • $126.03: The average expected amount, per person, that Americans will shell out for the holiday. That’s up 8.5% from last year. Consumers are expected to spend the most on jewelry, at a collective $4.1 billion.

  • 72 million: The average number of Valentine’s cards purchased by parents (40% of all cards sold). Whether they end up giving the cards to their children is unknown. Either way, 65% of all gifts will take the form of a greeting card.

  • $52.4 million: The 2010 romantic comedy Valentine’s Day raked in this much cash during its first weekend in theaters.

  • 82%: The portion of people who said they’d like an “experience” rather than a gift for the romantic holiday. What these “experiences” entail, and how expensive they are, is unclear. But consumers are expected to put $3.5 billion towards a romantic evening on the town with their partner.

  • 220,000: The average number of wedding proposals on Valentine’s Day each year (10% of the annual total).

  • $367 million: Don’t forget Fido — collectively, consumers spend this much on Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets each year. (Really? Their pets? Who knew?)

So, it seems pretty clear that your dropship home business has the potential to rack up some big numbers for sales of Valentine’s Day gifts.

You might check out fragrances, lingerie and jewelry to dropship because these are proven winners with a huge global target market and a large demand.

Get your dropship home business ready for Valentine’s Day and make plenty of sales and profits!


Start your own online dropship business today!

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