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E-Commerce: Social Media Marketing with Facebook

Facebook has over 500 million users and is still growing at an extremely fast rate as people all over the world become members of this popular social site, and is an excellent platform for your social media marketing efforts!

There are several great ways to leverage the power of Facebook to build your brand and promote your home dropshipping business.

Here are some suggestions as to how you can use Facebook effectively to grow your online business:

Have a Facebook Fan Page: This is one of the easiest and most effective means of using Facebook for social media marketing! You can get really creative with your Fan page, and be sure to use good SEO because this will help your Fan page get picked up by the search engines.

Use Payvment to sell your products on Facebook: Payvment is a fantastic FREE way to increase your online sales! It couldn’t be any easier to set up and run, and with 500 million potential customers, the traffic is certainly there for you.

Be sure to include links: Take advantage of your Facebook presence to link to your website and blog, and vice versa. This will help tremendously in creating a flow of fresh traffic for you.

Have a contest or promotion: This is a great way to put your Facebook Fan Page to good use! There are very few people who don’t like a freebie or contest, and you can generate a lot of good PR plus boost traffic to your online store.

According to a recent study by ComScore, Facebook accounts for more than 40% of the total social media traffic.


Pie Facebook resized 600

Source: ComScore

Bear in mind that many social media analysts predict this percentage to increase, and you can easily see why your business needs to be there.

Facebook is focusing more and more on ecommerce, and the integration of ecommerce and social media is basically a done deal that will continue to grow as time goes on.

If you aren’t already using Facebook as part of your social media marketing tools, don’t waste any more time!

Start your own online dropship business today!

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E-Commerce: Taking Stock of Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

If you are an ecommerce entrepreneur, you are hopefully using social media marketing, and it might be quite beneficial to you to stop, step back, and evaluate your efforts and strategies to see how well things are working for you.

Anyone who still doesn’t believe that social media is the wave of the future needs to join the rest of us in the 21st century!

Social media is not a flash in the pan or a passing fad. It’s big, it’s powerful, and it isn’t going away anytime soon.

If you are already leveraging the awesome power of social media, here are some tips to help you evaluate how well your efforts are paying off:

  • Are you furnishing information and messages that your target market is interested in? Each niche has its own demographics, at least to some extent. In order to optimize the effectiveness of your social media presence, you should be gearing your efforts toward your own particular niche. Otherwise, it would be akin to setting up a Hawaiian Ice stand at the North Pole. No matter how tasty and delicious your slushies might be, it is doubtful you would get many customers up there.
  • Are you on the right social sites? Again, the social communities you should be frequenting for your marketing efforts should reflect your niche market audience. For example, if your online dropship sales website sells Depends and other like products usually best suited for a more mature audience, you would probably be wasting your time on Bebo, where the demographics are mostly teens and young adults.
  • Are you paying attention to what others are saying to you? Social media can be immensely helpful in allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of your potential or existing customers who interact with you IF you listen when they speak! Some of these folks might have a valid complaint about your product or website—or a suggestion for improvement—that it would behoove you to listen and act on.

Social media marketing is a wonderful, free way to build your brand and promote your online business!

Start your own online dropship business today!

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Build Your Brand and Grow Your eCommerce Business with Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites, and can be immensely advantageous in helping you build your brand and promote your ecommerce business.

It’s hard to imagine that messages as short as the 140 characters you are allowed in Twitter tweets can actually do you much good, but the fact is that they can, and do, when you go about it the right way!

Here are some tips that will assist you in building your brand and developing brand loyalty:

  • If you don’t already have a business logo, you should set about getting one that reflects the nature of your ecommerce business. Branding is much easier if you have a distinctive logo that people will remember over time and associate with your business. Use this logo on your Twitter profile! It gives you an easily recognizable brand, plus it lends authenticity to your presence on Twitter.
  • Use some of the free tools available on the internet that will allow you to track the buzz about your brand. This is a great way to monitor your progress in building your brand, plus it furnishes an early warning if there is less than favorable talk about your business circulating on Twitter.
  • Create and maintain a great profile on Twitter. Make it professional, yet friendly and approachable. Make it clear exactly what your business is all about. Be sure to have a link to your ecommerce website on your Twitter profile!
  • To make your brand memorable, always be sure to post great tweets! Don’t be afraid to infuse some humor along the way. People respond favorably to things that make them smile! Also, make a giant effort to only tweet about things that are of value in some way to others. It might be something educational or entertaining, or an interesting tidbit that correlates somehow with your industry. The main thing is to not tweet just for the sake of tweeting. This is a good way to lose followers you want to keep.

With a little time and effort, you can use Twitter to build your brand and grow your online dropship business!

Start your own online dropship business today!

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How to Become a Social Media Marketing Expert

If you have dabbled in social media marketing with success, but would like to become an expert, what should you do?

First of all, regardless of how complicated and overwhelming the whole process of social media marketing might sound, it isn’t anything that can’t be mastered if you apply yourself and follow a few basic rules.

Even if you don’t become a Marketing Master and a true expert at social media, you can do well enough to reap rich dividends for your ecommerce business!

Here are some tips for mastering the mores of social media marketing:

  • Regardless of how much you may think you’ve already learned about social media marketing, this educational process must be an ongoing thing. You should allot a certain amount of time at least every week to catching up on all the latest and greatest developments in the world of social media. If you want to stay on the cutting edge and keep pace with your competition, make it a point to continually add to your knowledge of social media marketing.
  • Experiment! Don’t be afraid to try new techniques and strategies in social media marketing. It’s unrealistic to expect your marketing efforts to be perfection, because that won’t happen. But, only by striving for perfection and constantly trying to improve on your marketing skills and techniques will you be the very best you can be.
  • Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help or suggestions from true experts in the field of social media marketing. These people are all active on the major social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to include them in those that you follow, and pick their brains for useful tidbits of advice that will help you in your own social media marketing efforts.
  • Be actively involved in the social sites you join. You can’t sit on the sidelines, you need to get in on the action! Once you have been on a social site long enough to understand its own etiquette and rules for behavior, start making an effort to contribute something of value to the community on a frequent and regular basis. The more you do this, the better you will become at social media marketing. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Practice these unwritten rules for social media marketing to grow your home dropshipping business or other online endeavor, and you may find yourself a social media guru someday!

Start your own online dropship business today!

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Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tips for eCommerce

Twitter is an exceedingly effective social media marketing tool for your ecommerce business!

Here are 10 timely Twitter tips for social media marketing:

1. Use the free tools available online to help you locate Twitter users relevant to your business. One very useful free service is Twitter Search.

2. When you are asking others to retweet, be sure to leave a minimum of 15 characters free so that other people will have room in their 140 character limit tweet for a retweet, so that your original message doesn’t require being shortened.

3. Don’t try to spend all of your Twitter time in one lump sum. In other words, instead of working for 30 minutes straight exclusively in Twitter, break the time up into small increments throughout the day.

4. Use TwitterBar, which is a tool that will allow you to tweet right from the address in your internet browser. TwitterBar is free, but the developer does appreciate a donation.

5. If you want to get retweeted, contribute something of value! Tweet something that is interesting, informative, education and/or entertaining if you want others to retweet what you have to say.

6. If you want to build relationships with people who seem to value what you have to say, follow those who retweet your Twitter messages.

7. If you have a business blog, which hopefully you do, be sure to tweet one of your blog posts every day. You do want to be sure that it is a blog post worth sharing, of course.

8. If you want your tweets to be shared, just ask! Ask others to retweet your posts simply by saying “Please RT” at the end of your tweet. Again, same as the blog posts, make sure it’s something worthy of retweeting.

9. In order to manage your time spent in social media marketing wisely, use a service such as HootSuite if you have multiple Twitter accounts.

10. You need to know who is talking about you, and where, so set up a free service that will listen and keep an ear to the ground for any and all about your business. TweetBeep is one such free service that is great for a busy entrepreneur.

Using these 10 tips for Twitter marketing can help build your online dropship sales or other ecommerce ventures.

Start your own online dropship business today!

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Use Wibiya for Your eCommerce Blog

If you are like most ecommerce business people, you are always receptive to new services, tools and ideas that will help you streamline the running of your home business and accomplish more in less time, which is what Wibiya might do for you.

What is Wibiya?

Wibiya is a FREE web toolbar that has a lot of great functions!

For example, you can use Wibiya to integrate your Twitter and Facebook presence.

Or, you might use it to increase page views:

  • Engage readers and raise page views with apps such as Latest Posts, Real Time Users, and More…
  • Gain traffic from the social web
  • Track your traffic growth through simple analytics tools

Wibiya may also be used to communicate with your readers.

  • Broadcast messages, alerts and more to all your visitors in real time
  • Share your latest tweets with your readers in real time
  • Participate in live chat rooms with your audience

There are a lot of different Power Tools that you may use, too!

  • Discover a growing range of applications to enrich your readers experience
  • Full tracking and management system for each application and effectiveness to your website
  • Add and remove applications in just one click

Wibiya has tons of apps that do all sorts of handy things:

  • Live Notifications
  • Photo Gallery
  • Twitter Dashboard
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Random Post
  • Real Time Users
  • Navigation Links
  • iTranslation
  • Smart Share
  • Content Timeline
  • YouTube Video Gallery
  • Facebook Recommendations
  • Facebook Activity Feed
  • Facebook Like Button
  • Twitter Anywhere
  • Google Buzz

Adding Wibiya will let you choose from a wide variety of tools and features, and it’s absolutely FREE.

Wibiya was started in 2008 in Israel, and is growing fast.

They welcome web developers and new apps!

In this hectic age, we all seem to have more to do every day than we have time to get done. So, having a free service such as Wibiya to help as a time saver makes running a home dropship business a little bit easier.

Start your own online dropship business today!

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eCommerce: Social Media Optimization & SEO for Dropshipping

Social Media Optimization, or SMO, and Search Engine Optimization, or SEO; are a match made in ecommerce heaven and can do wonders to promote your online dropshipping business!

With Social Media optimization, you virtually promote your business, build your brand, make yourself visible and generate buzz about your website that will supply a steady stream of fresh traffic—all without any active promotion!

We’re all familiar with SEO, but every ecommerce entrepreneur should familiarize themselves with integrating SEO with Social Media Optimization.

According to the results of a recent Nielsen study, social media sites such as blogs, and social networks now account for 18% of where searches begin, outperforming sites that are dedicated to publishing information specifically to help individuals find deeper analysis and details.

This is a trend that is gaining momentum by leaps and bounds; as Nielsen observes, “Social Media is becoming a core product research channel.”

At the core of any successful Social Media Optimization campaign are social objects.

Social objects are the content that is created in social media,

This includes images, videos, blog posts, comments, status updates, wall posts on Facebook, Twitter tweets and all other social activity that ignites a spark for online socializing and conversation.

Understanding social objects and how they function, as well as how you can integrate SEO with these social objects, is one of the most important things about a good Social Media Optimization program for your dropship business.

To connect social media and social objects, there are five basic areas you need to focus on:

1. Titles: When using SMO with SEO, don’t try to come up with an attention grabbing title so much as one that contains the keywords that match the search patterns of the people you hope to reach.

2. Keywords: When choosing keywords for social objects, bear in mind that they may not be what you would expect. So use Google Adwords for some ideas.

3. When you are writing descriptions for social objects, make sure that your copy includes a minimum of three keywords related to your business and targeted viewers.

4. Tags: These are keywords that serve to group and organize your social objects within the social network you are using.

5. Links: Just as in SEO, links help drive traffic to your social objects and help boost your ranking in search results.

Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization go together like peanut butter and jelly, so make the most of this combination to help grow your ecommerce dropshipping business!

Start your own online dropship business today!

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10 FREE Tools to Boost Your Social Media Productivity with Twitter

February 5, 2010 by  
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Social media marketing is definitely the wave of the future for ecommerce entrepreneurs, and you can boost your productivity with free tools that will help maximize your efforts!

Here are some fantastic FREE tools that are available to you with SocialOomph:

1. Schedule Your Tweets: This tool enables you to schedule Tweets at your discretion. For example, if you live in Australia and want to send Tweets during business hours in the US when you would normally be in bed asleep—just use this tool to keep those Tweets flowing.

2. Track Your Keywords: You can use this tool to set up alerts for specified keywords, then be notified periodically through emails which Tweets contained those keywords. You may also put this handy tool to use tracking your @replies.

3. Save and Reuse Your Drafts: You can save a LOT of time with this tool! Save your draft Tweets, frequently used URLs & text to avoid hours of repetitive typing.

4. Send Automated Direct Messages to New Followers: This can make a huge difference in your rise to social media greatness! Send these automatic “Thank You” messages to all new followers!

5. Shorten Your Links: This tool will let you track clicks on your Tweets! Simply add your bit.ly URL shortening account info to your SocialOomph profile and your links will be shortened and trackable.

6. Follow Your Followers: This great little tool lets you automatically follow the people who follow you and will be a big time saver!

7. Unfollow Those Who Stop Following You: Same as above. No use in wasting time following people who have dumped you. This tool automatically takes care of it for you.

8. Screen New Followers: Even if you choose automatic following of those who are following you, this tool allows you to vet followers and decide who to keep, who to ignore and who to block. Just gives a bit more flexibility to automatic following.

9. View Your Retweets and Mentions: This tool will vastly improve your efficiency as it lets you keep up at a glance with your @mentions and Retweets.

10. Your Personal Tweet Engine: This very useful tool provides you with your own personal status feeds, which means that you can schedule and then publish Tweets that don’t go to Twitter, but to your own personal Tweet stream via RSS, XML or Javascript.

All of these great FREE tools and many more are available here:

Click Here to go to SocialOomph for FREE Twitter Tools

Using tools such as these in your social media marketing can give you a competitive edge for your ecommerce business!

Start your own online dropship business today!

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Combining SEO with Social Media Marketing: What NOT to Do

Combining SEO with social media marketing for your ecommerce business must be done correctly in order to be effective.
There are social media “purists” who are incensed to see it used for marketing purposes at all, much less leveraged with SEO!
However, it is being done, and done successfully, by canny ecommerce entrepreneurs who understand what a powerful marketing tool social media can be, especially when the power of SEO is incorporated into the strategy.
But you do have to watch your step!
Bear in mind that a lot of the social media site founders didn’t have marketing use in mind when they developed their community. Ditto for many of the users or members.
So, here are some things you should NOT do when using SEO with social media marketing:
DON’T: Jump right in and start trying to run the show! Instead, gradually build your place in the community of users. Then you can start working on SEO along with social media optimization.
DON’T: Be a know-it-all or a blow hard! It’s fine to have an opinion or to offer well informed comments, but don’t be obnoxious or pushy. If you get a chance to incorporate some of your keywords into conversations, do it naturally and above all–nicely.
DON’T: Spam. Never, ever.
DON’T: Make nonsense comments just to use your keywords.
DON’T: Be stand-offish. You should never, for example, create a Facebook page and then fail to engage with your fans and/or friends. Ditto for Twitter and followers! Don’t just slap up a bunch of SEO content and then sit back and lapse into silence.
DON’T: Take and not give back in return. Share something of value, and do this often! It doesn’t have to all be about SEO and marketing, and in fact, it shouldn’t be. To approach it in such a fashion would be the Kiss of Death to your social media marketing aspirations.
DON’T: Be too sales-y. This is a gigantic turn-off to others! It’s great to use SEO with SMO, or Social Media Optimization, but don’t over-do the hype with keywords.
DON’T: Ignore what others are saying In other words, don’t just talk so that you can use your keywords often, but listen to others, as well!
DON’T: Be a phony. No matter how good you think you might be at pulling the wool over the yes of the public, the community will pick up on phonies—count on it. Walmart tried that with its “Walmarting Across America” blog, when it tried to fool people into thinking that the blog entries were originating from everyday consumers who love Wally World. They were exposed, and you will be, too, if you pretend to be something you aren’t. So, don’t try to throw out a bunch of made-up baloney so that you can load up on your keywords.
Using SEO and social media marketing together successfully is a savvy move to make if you want to grow your online business, but make sure you do it right or your efforts will be counterproductive.
The above rules apply to any form of social media marketing!

Start your own online dropship business today!

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Is Social Media ROI Unmeasurable?

Posted by Dr. Pete

I’m reporting live from Pubcon Las Vegas this week, along with some of the SEOmoz team. To be honest, we’ve struggled a bit with how to cover the conference here on the blog. As someone who only hits a couple of conferences per year, I know how annoying it can be to have to hear how great an event is that you already regret not being able to go to. On top of that, sometimes information that seems brilliant in context just doesn’t translate into a quick blog blurb or Tweet. So, in the interest of providing value to those of you who aren’t here at Pubcon, we’re going to try to take some deeper dives into the content, hopefully providing some of that context you may be missing.

Is That An Elephant?

No, I’m not trying to distract you. These first two days of sessions, I couldn’t help but feel that there was an elephant in the room with us during the social media sessions. The enthusiasm for social media (and especially Twitter) has been stronger than ever, but we all seem reluctant to dampen that enthusiasm by talking about an uncomfortable fact – very few of us have really found a way to measure social media success. Sure, there are internal metrics for any given platform – Twitter followers, for example – but without something external to tie it to, those are little more than high scores in the social media video game.

The B-word

Of course, the default answer is always “branding”. Unfortunately, much like “engagement”, branding is too often just a distraction, an intangible excuse we use to avoid the fact that we have nothing to measure. Ironically, during a session that had nothing to do with social media, I heard something close to an answer during Q&A. No matter what you think branding is, find a way to measure it. Here are just a few possiblities:

  • Direct brand mentions
  • Links with brand-related anchor text
  • Branded search volume

Where’s there a number, there’s a path to calculating ROI.

Target a Response

At this morning’s keynote, we had a chance to hear from the marketing departments of various Vegas hotels. Like the rest of us, these marketers are learning as they go, trying to figure out how to use Twitter and Facebook to drive real business value. Most of the hotel marketing departments see social media as a direct-response channel, and that’s certainly a start. Put out a special offer through social media channels, and you can measure the response. Where there’s a measurable response, there’s ROI.

MGM Grand’s marketing head hinted at another possibility – their employees monitor Twitter to spot dissatisfied hotel guests, dispatching staff to help solve the problem. What’s the natural next step? Measure this response. How many problems did they intercept? How many were they able to solve? What does solving one customer’s problem equal in real dollars? All of these questions can be answered, and from those answers comes tangible value.

Find a Comparison

Finally, during a session about how social media and search intersect, we heard a great example from Lee Odden about how to put a value on social media. Lee mentioned that his firm drives about 15-20 major media mentions per month from social media. He estimates that this equates to paying a PR firm $10,000/month. This may not sound like metrics in the traditional sense, but it’s an entirely valid approach. PR costs money to generate, and social media has replaced that value.

Just Measure It

When it comes to measuring social media ROI, what are we really afraid of? If I start measuring, will I have to admit that being a 307th-level Maniac on Facebook Mafia Wars isn’t providing solid business value? Stop making excuses, stop mumbling about branding, and find a way to quantify social media success in real dollars.

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