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Social Media Marketing Tips for Quick Results

If you are like most ecommerce entrepreneurs with a home business in dropshipping sales, you need social media marketing that will bring you quick results!

While social media marketing is actually a slow process that requires time, patience, persistence, commitment and diligence over the long haul, it is gratifying to know that there are a few things you can do that will bring you some fast ROI, or Return On Investment.

Here are some tips for social media marketing strategies geared toward fast results in terms of increased traffic and sales:

  • If you don’t already have a blog for your ecommerce business—don’t put it off another day! Get a blog set up and begin posting entertaining, interesting, informative articles that will generate some buzz and interest within your niche. Make your blog posts share worthy and the rest will take care of itself. As more people share and pass along your blog articles, you will see an immediate increase in traffic to your website.
  • If you have not already signed up for one of the free services available on the World Wide Web that help you streamline and integrate your social  media presence across all platforms you are using—do it now! One very handy service is Ping.fm. Check it out and save yourself a lot of time and hassle, plus boost your exposure so that you get results soonest!
  • Don’t ignore your audience! Be it a business blog, your Facebook Fan page or Wall, a Twitter tweet or whatever—never ignore people who reach out to you. If someone posts a comment on your blog, or asks a question; be sure to reply as promptly as possible. For one thing, if this person is a potential customer, what impression do you think it will make if you simply ignore them? Wouldn’t they have reason to be skeptical of your customer service if they did business with you? Sure they would! So, always reply when someone “speaks” to you online!

These three little things can help net you instant gratification with social media marketing by boosting traffic and sales!

Start your own online dropship business today!

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Two Power Words That Can Help Grow Your eCommerce Business

Did you know that there are two words that are so effective and so powerful they can help build and grow your ecommerce business?

It’s true. Two little words, if you use them, can do wonders to help you build a thriving, successful online business, as well as garner many loyal, repeat customers who will come back to your website over and over again to buy your products.

Those two little words are: Thank You.


It’s just that simple.

We seem to live in such a fast paced world that sometimes the common courtesies fall by the wayside. This may be particularly true on the World Wide Web, as sometimes we tend to forget the little civilities that come naturally in a face to face encounter.

However, saying “Thank you” is not something a savvy entrepreneur should ever overlook or forget!

A simple, sincere word of thanks goes a long way toward cementing a relationship between you and a customer. It’s a fundamental fact of life that human beings of all ages and both genders like to feel appreciated.

With the fierce competition that exists for a buyer’s business, you definitely should appreciate it when they choose to do business with you instead of one of your competitors, and you should certainly let them know that their business is appreciated!

When a customer makes a purchase from you, a word of thanks should be included in the order confirmation email.

Along with saying thanks, it is also a good idea to periodically show your repeat customers that you appreciate them by offering them a good promo such as half price shipping or a special sale.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by expressing your thanks and appreciation, and a great deal to gain.

Always remember one of the basic axioms of sales: People buy from those they like.

If you show your appreciation and express gratitude for a customer’s patronage, and then award some type of benefit as recognition of their repeat, continued business, you are taking a giant step toward having that customer like you.

So, don’t forget those two little words and let your online dropshipping business buyers know that you appreciate them to keep them coming back!

Start your own online dropship business today!

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How to Launch a Successful eCommerce Business Blog

Did you know that having a blog for your ecommerce website is one of the best ways to build your brand and grow your business?

Business blogs, if done properly, are a wonderful tool for the ecommerce entrepreneur!

Here are some tips to help you launch a great blog for your business:

  • Determine what the purpose of your blog will be. Do you want it to be primarily a search marketing tool? Do you want a blog so that customers and potential customers can interact with you? Or maybe a combination of both those things? A blog is like any other endeavor—you should have a plan and a clear idea of what you hope to accomplish.
  • When establishing a URL for your business blog, be sure to incorporate the name of your business. It’s nice to use keywords but if you hope to build brand awareness for your business, then you’re better off using your business name in the URL.
  • You will need blog software and WordPress is a good choice in most cases.  Best of all, it’s free!
  • For best results and a polished, professional appearance, you should customize your blog to more or less correlate in some way with your industry or business. There are an abundance of free templates available on the World Wide Web that can be fully customized to suit your taste and purposes.
  • Decide on what categories you will have for blog posts and content. In general, it’s best to base these categories on your prime keywords. That way, when you post an article to your blog and designate a category, it will use good SEO techniques.
  • Do your best to attract blog subscribers and use clickable widgets so that it’s easy for a reader to share your blog post with others. You should set up accounts on such websites as Digg, Delicious, and others.

Now here is a tip on what NOT to do with your blog: Don’t try making your blog too full of salesy hype about your business as this will be a major turn-off to readers.

Instead, write your blog posts so that they correlate with your industry, and occasionally put in a plug for your ecommerce business. Moderation is the key!

Start your own online dropship business today!

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10 Tips on How to Build and Manage Your Identity with Social Media

March 14, 2010 by  
Filed under Bonanzle, Drop Shipping, eBay, Home Business, Home Worker, Wholesale

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Are you doing everything you can do to build and manage your ecommerce identity with social media marketing?

Your personal business brand is who you are and what you are about. Your brand equals your reputation, so it is vital to your online success to build your brand the right way from the ground up.

Here are some tips for building and managing your personal ecommerce brand:

1. If you don’t have a blog, start one! This will give people a chance to connect and interact with you.

2. Let people get to know about you…your business, what you’re all about. Invest some thought and time into your “About” page and write it so that readers will get a good feel for what your brand stands for.

3. Find a new way to say what your business is about, or barring that—put a new spin on an old tried and true expression. Whichever it may be, make it uniquely your own.

4. Find people on social sites that are relevant to your business, or who have interests that correlate with your industry, and follow them. Don’t feel as though you have to be a Yes man or woman with these folks. If you disagree, or have an opinion that doesn’t exactly coincide with one of theirs, don’t be timid about airing your own views, in a very polite and respectful way, or course.

5. Be real. It doesn’t pay to be a phony on the internet. Rest assured that others will pick up on it really quick if you are not sincere and honest about what you say and how you represent yourself and your brand.

6. Stay up to date on your knowledge of the online world. The World Wide Web is in a constant state of flux, always changing and evolving. Make sure that you keep up with things so that you don’t come across as old hat or dated.

7. Keep your brand fresh and updated by continually adding new content. For example, your blog posts should reflect what is new and fresh on the internet or within your industry.

8. Generate some buzz about your business by getting on the good side of the Influencers on the social sites you are using. Remember, these people can be of immeasurable value to you because they influence many, many others! If they say something good about you, or Retweet you on Twitter, for instance—it will carry a lot of weight.

9. When you post on a social site, make it a contribution that will be of value to others. You might share a funny joke, anecdote or cartoon…..or an informative, educational message…but whatever message you put out there, make it something worth sharing.

10. If at all possible, choose a username on social sites that mentions your business/brand name. This will come in very handy when it comes to being remembered!

Build your identity online to grow your ecommerce business!

Start your own online dropship business today!

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5 Good Reasons to Have a Blog for Your Ecommerce Dropship Business

You should always be working to build and improve your ecommerce dropship business, and having a blog is a step in the right direction.
There are many reasons why having a business blog is a great idea.
Here are five very good reasons that might convince you of the benefits of creating a blog for your ecommerce enterprise:
1. SEO. A well written, relevant blog can provide some keyword rich content that will boost your ranking with the major search engines! The higher your ranking in search, the greater your traffic and sales. It’s a no brainer.
2. Reach a large audience. Blogs can be syndicated with RSS feeds to reach a wide audience. Visitors to your blog can opt-in to receive updates. Since these subscribers opt-in, you won’t have a problem with spam filters.
3. Encourage interaction. The importance of interaction on the World Wide Web cannot be over-emphasized! According to recent internet market research, the average consumer wants to interact. If you don’t give the people what they want, then somebody else will and you will have lost customers to a dropship sales competitor.
4. Blogging helps humanize and personalize your ecommerce business. You can forge much stronger relationships with online visitors with the interaction offered by a blog. Plus, by reading comments left by readers, you will be able to get a good feel for what visitors think of your business—good or bad.
5. Blogging is a fantastic way to share with the online community and give something of value to visitors. You can share information, tips and pointers, useful freebies and new products, ideas, inspiration, and more. Having a blog allows you to offer something of benefit to visitors.
There are lots of other reasons to have a blog for your ecommerce business.
But the main thing you want to bear in mind about this type of blog is that while it’s fine to mention your business, don’t make promoting your ecommerce dropshipping business the be-all and end-all of your blog.
This is a complete turn-off to most visitors!
So, while it’s acceptable to get a plug in there for your business, don’t come across as a huckster at a carnival or a turn-of-the-century snake oil salesman.

Start your own online dropship business today!

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Social Media Marketing: Get With the Program or Get Left Behind

There is a lot of buzz today about social media, and the reason for that is because social media is a big part of the World Wide Web these days and predicted to get even bigger.
According to a recent report by Forrester Research, social media marketing is projected to grow at an annual rate of 34%.
That is huge growth!
If you have decided to adopt a wait and see approach to social media marketing, thinking that it might be just a flash in the pan…you are making a serious mistake.
When consumers develop loyalty and an allegiance to a brand or business, they are liable to maintain that loyalty to the exclusion of other brands and competitors within the particular niche.
So, if you drag your heels too awfully long about getting in there and taking advantage of social media marketing, you may find that you’re a day late and a dollar short.
Actually, you may find yourself more than a dollar short, because if you allow a competitor to build up a loyal following among consumers through social media, what do you think that will do to your business?
Let’s face it: Traditional media is shrinking more and more every day.
But digital media is growing and flourishing.
It has been said that if the official Google Blog was a newspaper, its number of subscribers would have it ranking in the Top 10 of traditional newspapers, right between the well known Houston Chronicle and the even better known Chicago Tribune.
What does that tell us?
One thing it tells us is that traditional media such as newspapers are in serious danger of extinction. But that’s another story.
The main message we can assimilate from the decline of traditional media and the meteoric rise of digital media is that digital media is here to stay. In fact, a PEW study reports that more people report using the internet as a source of news than conventional media.
Approximately 60% of people under 30 in the US say that they get their news online.
The percentage of people under 30 saying that they get news from television is declining rapidly.
The internet and digital media is going to continue to gain voice while traditional media loses ground.
Social media marketing is the wave of the future!
If you aren’t utilizing it to grow your ecommerce business, you need to get started right away!

Start your own online dropship business today!

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5 Tips on Building Your eCommerce Dropshipping Business

Even if your ecommerce dropshipping business is booming, you are probably always interested in tips about how to get even more sales!
Keeping your business alive, growing and thriving is an on-going process that never ends.
For all intents and purposes, your ecommerce business will always be a work in progress!
So, staying abreast of current developments and trends, and making sure that you are up on the things you need to know in order to keep your business growing is a vital part of being a netrepreneur.
Here are 5 handy tips to help build your dropshipping business:
1. Plaster your website address and business name on everything you possibly can! It’s easy for you to remember your own name and web address, but the average consumer probably won’t. Even if someone has bought from your dropship sales site, they may not be able to remember its name or website address if they want to buy from you again. So, make it a little easier to be remembered or found by enclosing a business card printed with the name of your business and the web address with every order sent out. It would be even better to make your business card a fridge magnet or pocket calendar that wouldn’t be thrown away for a while!
2. Give consumers a reason to visit your site! Have contests, promotions, sales, surveys, freebies….anything and everything to attract customers!
3. Make use of blogs and have your own website forum. Blogs can be a big benefit for ecommerce entrepreneurs! Having your own User Forum on your site allows visitors and customers to interact and develop a sense of belonging. This is a good thing for many reasons.
4. Learn and understand the workings of major search engines. This is a truism that you will see repeated a lot on the internet: If you don’t exist in Google—you don’t exist. Search engines can work for you or against you. Be sure that you know how to harness the power of search engines to work for you.
5. Have a domain name that makes sense in correlation with your ecommerce business. Ideally, it should leave users in no doubt whatsoever as to what can be found on your site. If you are selling tropical fish, fir example, make your domain name something that makes this reasonably clear; such as: tropical fish.com instead of some cutesy, obscure and confusing name like: flutteryfins.com.
Never rest on your laurels in ecommerce! Always strive to build your dropshipping business, making it better all the time!

Start your own online dropship business today!

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Tangled Web: The Most Linked to Pages on the Internet

Posted by Sam Niccolls

most linked to pages on the internetTo identify the most linked to pages on some of the world’s most popular sites, we used SEOmoz’s Linkscape powered Top Pages Tool and compiled a list of the most linked to pages on the web.

The results, broken out by website and by category, are not all what you might expect. From Google to GaGa the internet’s most linked to pages offer a look at your favorite domains that will leave you both scratching your head and laughing.


5 Things You Didn’t Know About Wikipedia:

  1. Twitter is more linked to than global warming.
  2. Search Engine Optimization is almost 2x more linked to than Barack Obama.
  3. Series of tubes is more linked to than computer.
  4. Google is more linked to than world wide web
  5. Sarah Palin is more linked to than Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, or North America.


Most Linked to Videos:

  1. Susan Boyle Performs on Britain’s Got Talent
  2. Rick Astley – Rick Roll
  3. Judson Laipply – Evolution of Dance
  4. Work at Home Infomercial (in Polish)
  5. Web 2.0 The Machine is Us/ing Us
  6. Free Hugs Campaign
  7. OK Go on Treadmills
  8. Michael Jackson – Thriller
  9. Rick Astley – Rick Roll (Sadly, this is not a typo. It really is on the list twice…)
  10. Battle at Kruger Between Lions, Buffaloes, & Crocodiles


Most Linked to Words:

  1. Bandwidth
  2. Nothing
  3. T1
  4. Religion
  5. Schadenfreude


  1. Pedophile is more linked to than friend.
  2. Anime is more linked to than America.
  3. Football (American) more linked to than love.


Most Linked to Items for Sale:

  1. Vagina Couch
  2. Manly Bike
  3. Space Ship
  4. Catbus
  5. Nazi Dolls

Most Linked to Editorials:

  1. Hey Crackhead
  2. Why Geeks and Nerds Are Worth It
  3. Star Wars Guide to US Presidential Candidates
  4. Vasectomy
  5. Advice to Young Men From an Old Man


Most Linked to Groups:

  1. The Great Nationwide Kiss-in
  2. Fair Copyright for Canada
  3. A G-A-Y Foamparty
  4. “Hey Facebook, Breastfeeding is Not Obscene! (Official petition to Facebook)”
  5. Nouveau Riche Nationwide Community


Most Linked to Bands:

  1. Justice (Christian Club)
  2. Fleetfoxes
  3. Lily Allen
  4. MGMT
  5. Animal Collective


Most Linked to Companies:

  1. Comcast
  2. eGuideTravel
  3. Mashable
  4. Zappos
  5. AdSense

Most Linked to Celebrities:

  1. Ashton Kutcher
  2. Lady GaGa
  3. Lance Armstrong
  4. Oprah
  5. Stephen Fry


Most Linked to Actors:

  1. Heath Ledger
  2. Johnny Depp
  3. Christian Bale
  4. Angelina Jolie
  5. Alison Maclnnis (The Pink Power Ranger)

Most Linked to Movies:

  1. The Dark Knight
  2. The Matrix
  3. 300
  4. Slumdog Millionaire
  5. Star Trek


Most Linked to TV Shows:

  1. Arrested Development
  2. Firefly
  3. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  4. The Office
  5. 30 Rock

www.perezhilton.comPerez Hilton

Most Linked to Celebrity Categories (tags):

  1. Heidi Montag
  2. Michael Jackson
  3. Britney Spears
  4. Lady Gaga
  5. Lindsay Lohan (Warning: You cannot unsee this page.)


Most Linked to Cat Pictures:

  1. I Can Has cheezburger 3
  2. I Has a Bucket
  3. In Depth Analysis by David Mcraney
  4. Oldest Lolcat Ever Found
  5. Lol Kitteh as a Second Language


Most Linked to Articles:

  1. Figures
  2. Zombies
  3. Bugs
  4. Most Badass Bible Verses
  5. Most Terrifying Foods in the World

www.collegehumor.comCollege Humor

Most Linked to Videos:

  1. We Didn’t Start the Flamewar
  2. Font Conference
  3. The Matrix Runs on Windows
  4. 24 Unaired 1995 Pilot
  5. Minesweeper the Movie

www.allrecipes.comAll Recipes

Most Linked to Recipes:

  1. Sausage, Apple, & Cranberry Stuffing
  2. Creole Cornbread Stuffing
  3. Brownie Mix in a Jar
  4. Ham & Cheese Picnic Bread
  5. Candy Coated Chocolates


Most Linked to Health Ailments:

  1. Cankor Sores
  2. Dental Crowns
  3. Tooth Grinding
  4. Wisdom Tooth Extraction
  5. Pain Management

www.foxnews.comFix News

Most Linked to Stories:

  1. Hundreds of WMDs Found in Iraq
  2. Cost of Freedom Recap (Dec 2004)
  3. America’s Debt Rises
  4. Transcript / Video of Bush and Kerry Debate
  5. US Consumer Credit Card Debt May Crash the Economy


Most Linked to U.S. Presidents:

  1. Barack Obama
  2. George W. Bush
  3. Abraham Lincoln
  4. George Washington
  5. Thomas Jefferson

Most Linked to U.S. First Ladies

  1. Hillary Clinton
  2. Eleanor Roosevelt
  3. Abigail Adams
  4. Jacqueline Kennedy
  5. Michelle Obama

Source: All data for this post has been pulled from Linkscape, which is SEOmoz’s index of the world wide web.

Contributors: This post was a collaborative effort with help from both Scott Willoughby and Danny Dover.

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Sunshine Suites – Helping Startups Grow Up

Have you ever accidentally stumbled into providing a product or service, realizing there’s a market need for it even though it wasn’t in your original plan? And what if the offering you stumbled into becomes a key differentiator — your competitive advantage?

That’s what happened with Sunshine Suites, an office space company in New York City.

Joseph Raby and Cheni Yerushalmiare, the Managing Partners of Sunshine Suites, are childhood friends.  When they ran a startup Internet business, they were frustrated with the experience of getting suitable offices and support services.

So in 2001 they took over a below-market lease in New York City and got into the office management business, opening Sunshine Suites.

Sunshine Suites has a niche market: office space for small businesses and startups. Their company tagline is “Where startups grow up.”

According to the partners, they like nothing better than to see their tenants become so successful that they grow up and move out.  They can cite several examples of businesses that started with one entrepreneur in the space, growing from zero revenues all the way to millions in annual sales, and then moving out to their own bigger office space.

Sunshine Suites is not your grandfather’s office leasing company, though.

Sunshine Suites - coworking conference room

First of all, they offer flexible solutions for today’s entrepreneurs. They call it “on demand” office space:

  • If you just need a business address to receive mail and packages, use of a conference room (such as the one pictured above) to meet with the occasional client, and desk space now and then — you could rent a virtual office.
  • If you prefer a more social and collaborative setting, then you might opt instead for use of the  coworking space.  Coworking means an open environment where you work side by side with other entrepreneurs.
  • As your business grows, there’s dedicated office space.

However, you might wonder, “What’s so unique about this?”  After all, today it’s possible to find virtual offices and coworking spaces in cities and towns all over.

What’s unique — and what got my attention — is the way Sunshine Suites provides the “whole package” to startups — office space, furniture, staff to answer phones, utilities and high speed internet, and other amenities.  Most of all, Sunshine Suites is known for the way they bring together tenants and make networking possible.  In effect, they help their tenants find customers so that they can grow organically and become more successful.

It all started by accident.  According to the two business partners, when one of your tenants is struggling, you have two options.  You can (1) evict them, or (2) help them make their business successful so that they can pay for the rent and services.

The two partners were faced with just that situation, with a Web designer who was behind in his monthly payments because he needed more clients.  They knew of another tenant (called a “Shiner” in company parlance) who needed a website.  They connected the two up. The gentleman who was behind in his monthly rent got the sale and was in turn able to pay Sunshine Suites.

Suddenly, the light bulb went off.

The two realized that it would be a competitive advantage to provide an environment and services that made it easier for tenants to prospect for customers and get more successful.

Today Sunshine Suites offers a variety of services to help their tenants connect with each other and become more successful.  They hold regular networking events and panel discussions.  They created a database application so Shiners could search for other tenants by industry.  There’s even a ski vacation home in Vermont (image below) for Shiners to use for offsite meetings.

Vermont ski house - Sunshine Suites

But the most effective way of helping tenants grow their businesses is by having staff walk around, talk with and learn about the tenants, and informally make introductions and pair people up.  Sunshine Suites hires staff with outgoing personalities.  They train them to draw tenants out in conversation and informally make one-on-one introductions that may lead to partnerships or customer relationships.

Sunshine Suites itself has grown from one location with six tenants in 2001, to multiple locations with over 500 startup businesses and 1,000 entrepreneurs currently.

According to Cheni, “The worst thing entrepreneurs can do is stay in their homes. These are great times. Getting out of the house and meeting others and networking is how to find opportunities.”

From Small Business Trends

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Linkscape’s Best Link Building Tool Yet

Posted by randfish

Linkscape has always been a project with a lot of promise. Building a crawl of the WWW that can expose link data in interesting ways, calculating metrics in the ways search engines do and surfacing potential SEO opportunities are all a part of that, but it’s a lot of work and time to get all the potential functionalities into real-life tools. Last week, Linkscape took a giant leap forward in usefulness with Nick’s new Competitive Link Finder.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Takes a pair of inputs – your website and the websites of 2-5 competing sites (or sites in the same sector)
  2. Uses a link graph of 443 Billion Links to find link intersects between those pages (URLs that have links to 2+ of the sites you’ve entered but may not have links to your site)
  3. Exposes a list of domains, with each linking page underneath along with metrics about those pages and sites.

Link Intersect Cartoon

Getting started is really simple. Just enter your own site, plus up to 5 competitors and the tool will find pages on the web that point to two or more of those pages, then list those in descending order of importance. The tool currently lives inside our SEOmoz Labs (which houses a ton of our best stuff) at http://www.seomoz.org/labs/link-intersect. We don’t have fancy graphics or great UI in Labs, but the functionality takes center stage:

Competitive Link Finder Tool

The results look like this:

Link Intersect Tool Results

For each domain that’s mentioned, you can see a breakout list of the pages that point to those URLs, a checkmark next to the domains you’ve already earned a link from and data on the importance of the domains and pages (Domain mozRank and mozRank, respectively) listed. When you click the number of links from any given site, the tool surfaces a list of those exact pages, making it easy to see where and how they’ve earned those links. The features are just killer:

  • The tool ignores nofollow links, so you’re only seeing pages that have actual, live links to at least two of your competitors
  • As our metrics (DmR, mR, DmT, etc.) have improved over time, the results really do feel like they’re ranked in order of importance/potential value
  • The data is extremely comprehensive – since Linkscape crawls a dramatic portion of the “important” web, the probability of finding great links is very high
  • When SEOs talk about “hubs” from the Hubs & Authorities link model of the web, that’s exactly what this tool is finding. Thus, you may see even more benefit from attaining these links than the raw metrics might indicate
  • The tool includes pagination, so you can see hundreds, sometimes thousands of potential link sources and every new competitor or site you add is a new opportunity to discover more link resources
  • Don’t just limit yourself to narrow competitors – plug in any site in your field that’s roughly related and you can find the intersection of potential links; the possibilities for finding links with this tool are limited only by your ability to plug in new sites and pages

The Competitive Link Finder is currently available only to PRO members (who have unlimited access for now). However, tonight, we’re opening the link finder to all SEOmoz members; just log in to your account and for the next 24 hours (until 11:55pm Pacific, Thursday September 2nd) you can try out the tool yourself.

QUICK WARNING: We haven’t exposed this much Linkscape data to so many people in the past, so things may slow down a bit. If you’re finding the tool takes a few minutes to run, don’t panic – the web is really, really big, so it’s a bit complex to run data calculations like this :-)

I’m a fairly tough critic, but I have to say that every time I’ve used this tool myself or shown it off in the last few weeks, people have been incredibly impressed. Nick, Sarah and I spent the latter half of last week on Sand Hill Road pitching VCs, and I can honestly say that even they were really, really amazed by how high quality and useful the results are. Link building is, according to most SEOs, the hardest task we collectively engage in. I think the work here from Nick (built on the backbone of Linkscape that he and Ben developed) is finally making that process an order of magnitude more do-able.

p.s. I’d like to call out some of the other tools on the web which also leverage the concepts of link intersection. While I’m a personal fan of this one, there are some other good resources for those seeking link co-occurrence. The first tool of this variety used link data from a number of search engines back in the 1990’s (I believe it was operated under WebsiteGarage which shut down in 2002). Jim Boykin’s WeBuildPages also featured a free tool that used Yahoo! link data (now available under their Ninjas program), as did the software package WebCEO (though it appears to no longer be included). SEOBook (of which I’m a big fan) also released a Hub Finder tool in 2005, which was almost certainly the best iteration to date (note: I’m a paying member at SEOBook). Like Newton, we’ve been very lucky to see far by standing on the shoulders of giants, and I remain indebted to the terrific community around the SEO world.

p.p.s. Sadly, we’ve had to turn off access, but more than 30,000 reports have been run just today! If you’d like to try the tool, PRO is the way to go.

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